About Age Advantage

Serving Seniors - It is our passion, our life's mission, and our honor. They have spent their lives building the world we enjoy. They have fought for our freedoms, paved our streets, built our schools, and invented our necessities. Some brought us into the world and invested everything they had for us. Our children now swing from the trees they planted. These beautiful lives that have experienced the gains and losses, the successes and failures, the laughter and tears of life are the lives we serve.

We specialize in meeting the needs of older adults by providing affordable, comprehensive, non-medical care in the comforts of home.
Over the years, Age Advantage has built a reputation for quality service and dependable care. We are known for being detailed and involved!

Founded in 1998, Age Advantage has helped thousands of seniors remain safe and independent at home. Franchise Founders, Greg & Daphne Archer, spent more than 12 years personally owning and operating the original Age Advantage in San Diego, CA. Having this amount of "Real World" experience, gives franchise owners an advantage over their competition.

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Greg Archer

Daphne Archer